Bringing real fibre to Birkdale

The NBN is coming to our area in 2018 2019. Let's make it actually good.

We have had the option to upgrade from planned FTTN (fibre to the node)
to FTTP (fibre to the premises) as an area before construction begins.

Status: abandoned
Area plan has changed to FTTC!

This project has stalled due to lack of interest

Everything below this line is historical, as at April 2017

The NBN continues to plan to install FTTN.

Why upgrade?

Value FTTP can add $10,000 to the value of a property.
Reliability FTTP cabinets do not use electricity, and fibre works perfectly when it's wet.
Speed FTTP can carry data 10,000 times faster than a copper FTTN connection.


A community application must be lodged with NBN Co. with unanimous support of all 187 affected properties during the planning phase (2017).

It's not going to be free

Approx. $2,500 for each house

If we fail to get all properties upgraded at the same time, individual properties may upgrade after construction at a cost of approx $20,000 each!

It will take more time to arrive

An area upgrade process to fibre is likely to take longer to complete than a copper refurbishment, perhaps a year longer.

And it will be amazing

Put simply, this is an investment in a higher quality, longer lived, more reliable, and vastly superior service connection.


Previously I had leaflet-dropped everyone to ask for an indication of either support or non-support, but interest was very low.
If you would like more information, please contact me:

First meeting

The meeting to discuss the plan (below) is was at:
Creek Road Park, off Parkridge Place
Sunday 23 April, at noon
You can read what happened at the meeting.

The plan

A diagram representing the process steps for stakeholders in an area upgrade



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